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Notary Public Services

Welcome to our ‘Notary Public Services’ page. We offer reliable notarial services to ensure the legal authenticity of your documents. Here, you will learn about the responsibilities of a notary public, documents requiring notarization, their legalization, and Apostille.

We have experience in preparing documents that comply with all the requirements, rules, and laws of other countries. We provide multiple layers of security to protect our documents from forgery and unauthorized use. Your documents will have a unique certification number, and an individual hologram number, and will be bound and sealed with our company’s wax seal.

We maintain contact with banking institutions and other entities that may require your documents, and we promptly confirm the issuance and validity of the documents by contacting you in advance. It doesn’t matter when the document was issued by us, whether it was yesterday or many years ago. We are always in communication with you and the entities that require the document.

notary public services
notary public services

If you encounter any difficulties when mailing your Power of Attorney and/or Statement to the Russian Federation, we are here to assist you!

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