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Express Document Solutions
15233 Ventura Blvd. Suite 620, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Payment Options
We offer several convenient methods for you to make payments for our services.

  • Cash: You can make a payment in cash at our office during our business hours.
  • Check: Please make your check payable to “Express Document Solutions” and mail it to our address. Don’t forget to include the details of the service type.
  • Zelle: You can use Zelle to make a secure and instant payment to our email address: Please include the service type in the payment description.
  • Major Credit Cards: If you choose to pay with a major credit card, please fill out the authorization form below.

Credit Card Authorization Form

When you fill out and submit this Payment Authorization Form, please be aware that the funds will not be automatically withdrawn from your account. 
Instead, we will receive a notification of your payment and process it manually. 
Our team will promptly handle your payment request to ensure accuracy and security. 
We want to emphasize that all information provided will remain strictly confidential.

Billing Address

Express Document Solutions, is not responsible for any decisions made by Government Agencies and/or Embassies, and will not refund the assessed service fees due to case being declined. Express Document Solutions act on behalf of the client and takes no responsibility for the service rendered by Travel Agents, Consulates, Embassies and other Government Agencies in connection with granting of visa or other documentations. Express Document Solutions takes no responsibility for delays, loss or mistakes for above Agencies, including U.S. Postal Service, FedEx. All fees are subject to change at any time. All cancelations are subject to cancelation fees. By signing Authorization for Credit Card Use, I authorize Express Document Solutions to charge the amount listed above to the credit card provided herein. I verify that all information provided is accurate. I verify I have red and understood the terms and conditions.

To confirm your agreement to make a payment, please print your full name, sign, and date below:

By providing your printed name, signature, and date, you acknowledge and agree to the payment as specified. This serves as your digital signature and consent for the transaction.

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